Dental implants: The Treatment and Stages

Dental implants are a safe treatment that lasts a short time and offer immediate and dazzling results. Our clinic’s experienced medical team has excellent knowledge about dental implants and guarantees superior results .

The important thing is that dental implant treatment offers both an aesthetic and functional advantage over other options. With many years of experience, specialized knowledge and state-of-the-art techniques, the Oral Surgeon Konstantinos Psomaderis offers the best results and guarantees your immediate return to your daily activities and responsibilities, as you will now have a natural and radiant smile.

As far as the stages that are followed during the invasive procedure of dental implant placement are concerned, these are five and are as follows.

Stage 1: Creation of an Individualized Plan After Evaluation

This is the initial stage of the whole procedure, during which the patient’s oral condition is assessed in order to evaluate and determine the suitability for the placement of implants. The health of the jaw and gum bones, as well as the determination of whether there is enough bone, play an important role in the whole process. In the event that there is not enough bone, the oral surgeon will usually refer the patient to bone grafting, bone regeneration procedures, or a smaller dental implant. If many teeth are missing or damaged, then the only solution is the placement of a traditional dental implant. In any case, the dental surgeon will recommend the best and most advantageous solution to the patient, after thoroughly examining each alternative case.

Stage 2: Bone Graft Procedure (for Certain Patients)

In some cases, the patient may experience bone loss or resorption at the site of the implantation. This means that the Oral Surgeon may recommend a bone graft, which is placed in the immediate aftermath of the tooth extraction. The purpose is to preserve the dimensions of the gum and bone in the area.

There is a wide range of reconstruction techniques, as well as several types of bone graft materials. The oral surgeon recommends what best suits the individual patient, based on a number of parameters that he or she takes into consideration. After a period of healing, the Oral Surgeon can proceed to the placement of the dental implant. Of course, under certain conditions, the regeneration and placement process may be done at the same time.

Stage 3: Immediate Implant placement (Same Day Dental Implant)

Immediate Implant placement gives the possibility of a one-day tooth implant placement. In some cases, the Oral Surgeon also performs a temporary prosthetic work for mainly aesthetic reasons. With the use of a Special Surgical Guide there is complete safety and precision during the implant placement process. The procedure takes on average one hour for each implant.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that our clinic uses the data of CT scan, as well as Digital Intraoral Impression and 3D printer, in order to create a personalized Surgical Guide for Dental Implant Placement. The aim is to offer a perfect and excellent final result, with unlimited safety. In case of discomfort in the first days after the surgical placement, the patient makes use of a painkiller suggested by the Dental Surgeon.

Stage 4: Healing Time

At this stage, it is important to mention that the healing time period is necessary before the placement of permanent prosthetic work. Typically, this period lasts from 3 to 6 months in total, although it varies from patient to patient. In some cases, more time may be required before the process of osseointegration of the dental implant is successfully completed. The placement of the final prosthetic work (bridges – crowns, sockets) is performed after the patient’s progress has been evaluated and a final appointment is scheduled.

Stage 5: Permanent Prosthetic Work and Completion of Dental Implant Placement

This is essentially the last stage, during which the Oral Surgeon and his medical team proceed to remove the temporary prosthetic work and then place a prosthetic abutment. The procedure is completed with the final placement of the permanent prosthetic work. The dental surgeon provides the necessary guidance related to the care that the dental implant needs.

The stages of dental implant surgery are performed in our clinic in complete safety, applying advanced techniques and making use of state-of-the-art medical equipment. Our main concern is always the absolute safety of the patient, so that he/she can return fully satisfied to his/her daily life with a new bright smile.