Surgery for the placement of dental implants is a completely safe method that requires great precision from the oral surgeon and his medical team. Under certain conditions, the patient has the option of getting teeth within just 1 day with direct implant loading. In this way, the number of visits is reduced and the patient obtains a long-term solution in a very short period of time.

Traditional natural tooth restoration protocols require many visits to the clinic and can last from 3 to 12 months. In contrast, immediate loading is a treatment procedure that guarantees same-day teeth, which is of course highly beneficial to the patient, as they can return to their daily activities immediately. Our clinic follows the safest techniques, which are applied by qualified medical staff, and excellent results are guaranteed.

Immediate Implant Loading: Advantages

Faster treatment and immediate completion of the natural teeth restoration process is one of the main needs of patients. This need is fully met by immediate loading of dental implants, as many patients for various reasons are unable to remain without teeth for a long period of time. Success rates after tooth extraction reach 97-100%.

In order to perform the procedure, sufficient initial stability of the dental implants needs to be achieved. Completion of the prosthetic work is carried out within 24 hours of the initial implant placement and requires a specific and customized design by the prosthodontist. The direct loading method can be done for either a single tooth or multiple teeth, and the appropriate type of implant is always used. Each implant created is perfectly suited to the needs of each patient.

As far as the advantages are concerned, the first one is the short period of time that the patient is without teeth. With immediate loading, the absence of natural teeth is immediately restored and, in cases where the application of the method is clinically indicated, it is the most immediate and appropriate tooth replacement solution. Furthermore, in case a bone graft has to be used, the direct loading method reduces the need for several surgical procedures and the overall length of treatment. Plus, through the single-stage technique, a simplified surgical workflow is achieved in just one day. The patient does not have to undergo repeated surgical procedures and is completely satisfied with the final result.

Thus, the biggest advantage is the shortening of the time period for the treatment of direct loading. The use of a socket and bridge resting on natural teeth requires a few weeks until the restorative treatment is completed, as is the case with traditional dental implant protocols. Once this time has passed, the patient regains the functionality and aesthetics they previously had.

The immediate loading method guarantees same-day teeth, so that the patient can immediately return to social and professional activities. The colour, shape and transparency of the teeth are the same as natural teeth.

Immediate Implant Loading: Procedure

In order for the patient to have teeth on the same day, appropriate diagnostic tests must first be performed to assess whether the conditions are suitable for the method to be applied. If the method is indicated, the dentists take the patient’s complete history and analyze the examination data to provide a treatment fully tailored to the patient’s needs. Diagnostic tests include photographs, X-rays and a special CT scan.

Subsequently, the specialized dentists build a model of the jawbone using special digital technology. A surgical splint will be designed on the dummy, which determines the exact position and angle of the implant placement. This is followed by surgery, during which the artificial teeth are connected to the dental implant in a short procedure that is usually performed under anesthesia.

The techniques used by the experienced medical team at our clinic  are completely safe, and the high success rates of direct loading are due to a combination of expertise, appropriate equipment and full training of our doctors. The results from this treatment procedure are immediate and long-term, and the patient gets functional and stylish teeth that are similar to natural teeth, thus getting their smile back.