Personalized Dental Implants

When we refer to personalized implants, we mean functional fixed implants that are designed and implemented exclusively customized on the patient. Conventional implants are not always the best solution. In these cases, 3D printing is the ideal option, creating personalized implants that are exclusively tailored to the patient’s needs and characteristics.

Personalized implants are manufactured with a 3D laser melting process, creating unique results and offering significant advantages and immediate restoration of the patient’s health. They are designed and created customized to each individual patient and are fully compatible with the human body. They are an excellent option for dental restoration, as long as adequate bone and tissue is present.

Of course, if there is significant tissue loss, then conventional methods are limited. In contrast, customized implants, even in this case, offer excellent functionality and remain stable. The result is immediate dental restoration for the patient.

Personalized Dental Implants: What Are the Advantages

Personalized implants have many advantages. To illustrate, they offer high stability at a relatively low cost. Also, the duration of treatment is significantly shorter compared to other methods, and they are customized for each patient. Their structure and length are made in such a way that they help to adapt to every situation.

They are usually applied either to patients with an injury, or to patients with atrophy or loss of jaw bone, as well as to patients with individual limiting factors. Furthermore, they are fully adapted to the patient’s needs, such as chewing, mouth opening, the condition of the opposite jaw and individual special needs.

Some examples of customized implants include implants for reconstruction of orbital bones, guide implants for bone regeneration of the jaw prior to the insertion of dental implants, restoration of the jaw with implants or deficiencies with dental implants, and anatomical skull implants. Personalized implants using 3D offer a complete solution to difficult cases.

Personalized Dental Implants: How they are Made and how they are Placed

The manufacturing of personalized implants is a worldwide patent that is unique in the implant industry. Using special software, personalized implants are ordered for the patient and come ready-made directly from the factory. The important thing here is that they are already fully adapted to the patient’s needs. Essentially, this is a case where the implant is adapted to the patient’s needs, not the other way round.

There are some significant differences in terms of placement and the tools needed to fix and place the abutment between a conventional titanium implant and a zirconia implant. The position of the head of the zirconia implant at the level of the gum  is distinguished, whereas in conventional titanium implants it is at the level of the bone.

The implant comes directly from the factories with its own prefabricated shaft made of rubber material, which is welded and not screwed into the implant. This shaft, after a simple impression is taken, is shaped by the dental laboratory, while the final work is also prepared. The shaped shaft and the final work are bonded at the same appointment. This reduces both patient discomfort and appointments.

Customized implants are the ideal solution for difficult cases. Contact us now.