Dental Implants with Laser

The laser treatment is now used in the medical and dental fields as it is very effective. In dental treatments, laser is usually an adjunct to other traditional procedures. Depending on the tissues it comes into contact with, it turns into soft tissue laser or hard tissue laser. No anesthesia is required. The laser treatment is used only by highly trained Oral Surgeons. A specialized Oral Surgeon knows the specific wavelength of the laser to use in each procedure.

At our clinic, you will find a highly trained staff of highly skilled dentists with years of experience, and they successfully perform even the most complex invasive treatments. We create a comfortable and friendly environment of trust, with our primary goal being the absolute safety of the patient.

Laser Dental Implants: Peri-implantitis Treatment

In cases where the patient has a microbial problem in the oral cavity, peri-implant disease treatment is the ideal solution. This treatment can be surgical or non-surgical. During the treatment, the application of the innovative method using dental lasers is carried out. More specifically, photodynamic treatment, is based on the administration of a “photosensitizer”, which is absorbed by the bacteria and activated by radiation of an appropriate wavelength with the help of oxygen. Through this specialized and state-of-the-art technique, very little heat is released and cytotoxic products are produced. In it’s most modern form, photodynamic therapy is called “photothermal therapy”. One of the treatment protocols used, to successfully treat periodontal and peri-implant diseases, is the EmunDo protocol.

How the Technique of Peri-implantitis Treatment Works

The technique for treating periodontitis and peri-implantitis using the EmunDo protocol is a state-of-the-art method that is strictly and only performed by a qualified Oral Surgeon with special training and years of experience, who will be able to carry out this technique in an excellent and safe manner. Patient safety and a flawless final result are our primary goal, so that the patient leaves our office fully satisfied, having now acquired a healthy mouth and a bright smile.

Stage 1

During the EmunDo treatment protocol procedure, the company provides a ready-to-use kit, which includes two vials. A very small dose of deionized water is then taken by syringe from one vial, which is mixed with the entire amount of the indocyanine green powder in the second vial. Subsequently, once the solution is homogeneous, it is taken by syringe to inject the photosensitizer solution into the periodontal or peri-implant pocket.

When this stage is also completed, mechanical removal of the microbial deposits is carried out and, by this method, bleeding and absorption of the radiation by hemoglobin is avoided. Finally, at this stage, irradiation perpendicular to the external surface of the tissues is also carried out with the special therapeutic scattering handpiece and the photosensitizer is activated through the gums.

Stages 2 and 3

In this second stage, an optical fiber with a special tip is used, which allows irradiation for 5 to 15 seconds. The optical fiber is inserted into the follicle and circular movements are performed over its entire range.

In the third and final stage, an optical fiber with a flat tip is used with an irradiation duration of 5 to 15 seconds per follicular surface. At this point, the optical fiber entering the follicle is applied to the outer wall of the follicle, resulting in de-epithelialization and removal of the granular tissue in the area of inflammation.

Once this last procedure is completed, it is possible to remove microbial deposits from the implant surface in the same session. The entire procedure can be performed if the patient needs it up to two more times, with a one-week interval between sessions. The patient is then re-examined within the next 4-6 weeks, followed by the phase of maintaining the treatment result with re-examination every 2-3 months.

Why choose us

The laser treatment of dental implants with the EmunDo protocol is highly specialized and it is necessary for the Dental Surgeon to know every detail of the procedure and to have complete familiarity and experience. The Medical Team’s main concern is the complete satisfaction and safety of the patient, applying each procedure in a personalized manner, while the people who trust us are able to return immediately to their daily activities and tasks.