Bone Deficiencies: What are the Causes

The formation of bone deficiencies results from various causes, the most important of which are, first of all, trauma to the area and traumatic extractions, as well as bone resorption after extractions and advanced periodontal disease. Other causes include resections of intrinsic tumours, cystectomies and the removal of multiple impacted teeth.

What are Bone Blocks and why they are preferred

The purpose of bone blocks is to rebuild the missing area of the jaw (bone deficits) so that it is ready to accommodate the implants that are to be placed. They are essentially three-dimensional bone blocks created from a bone graft taken from the patient. Usually, the area from which the bone graft is taken is the external oblique line of the mandible.

Usually, the Oral Surgeon selects the bone blocks so that the newly created bone can accommodate the dental implants selected for placement. In addition, they are also preferred for the reason that, without the presence of osteoblasts, the creation of bone is not possible. Finally, a further reason for their selection is that it is not possible to create bone from heterologous and alloplastic bone grafts if the defect to be filled is not surrounded by at least two bone walls.

What is the Bone Block Placement Procedure?

The procedure involves taking the graft and placing it in the deficient area. In this position, the graft is immobilized by placing small osteosynthesis screws, followed by a healing period that lasts three months. During this time, the graft will fully integrate with the existing bone and increase the size of the jawbone. Once this stage is complete, the oral surgeon places the implants in the usual way. This is a simple procedure, which takes about half an hour and in most cases is performed under local anesthesia.

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