Implants Bridges

Implant bridges are placed under certain conditions and always after an assessment by an experienced oral surgeon. It is a procedure that gives the patient a definitive and aesthetically beautiful result. It is a prosthetic restoration used to fill empty space in the mouth when one or more teeth are missing. The bridge is fully customized to the anatomical characteristics of each patient.

Implant bridges are divided into three categories, depending on the materials of construction: metal-ceramic, zirconia, and all-ceramic. The oral surgeon evaluates the patient’s overall dental picture and determines whether the use of a bridge is necessary. 

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Implants Dentures

Impant Dentures are a completely safe and effective solution when a patient has lost all of their teeth. The dentures do not always have to be placed on the teeth, but can be removed when the patient chooses to do so, making them easier to use. The base is pink and covers the entire oral cavity, including the gums. It essentially consists of artificial acrylic teeth that are placed on an acrylic base. It is manufactured in such a way that it fits and fully adapts to the patient’s mouth following the anatomical characteristics of the patient’s mouth. Essentially, it is a personalized work of the dental technician with the oral surgeon.

Implant dentistry improves the overall facial aesthetics as well as helps the patient to gain full functionality of their mouth. The patient’s return to daily activities and responsibilities is immediate and the patient gains full speech and chewing ability. Furthermore, his self-confidence and self-esteem increases. Impant dentures are an ideal solution when total tooth loss is an issue for the patient.  

The denture is placed with parallel placement of implants. When all teeth are missing from the upper jaw, 4 implants are placed, on which the denture is supported, which does not cover the palate unlike conventional dentures. In the lower jaw, 2 implants are usually placed to ensure that the denture is adequately supported. The technique of supporting on the implants is called “implant-supported dentures”. It is a safe method that provides a permanent solution and restores the total absence of teeth.

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