Teeth in 1 Day with the All-in-4 Method

The All-in-4 method is a modern method through which the patient obtains a fixed denture with 4 implants in just 24 hours. It is a specialized technique offered by our clinic, with the sole aim of immediate and safe implantation of teeth so that there is complete restoration and function of the denture within a very short period of time. The development of new types of implants now makes it possible, under certain conditions, for procedures that previously took a long time and involved several stages to be carried out in just one day. In this way, the patient has access to a higher quality and more functional daily life in just a few hours.

The success rates of the modern and specialized techniques provided by our office for the Teeth In 1 Day – All In 4 Method are equivalent or even higher than those of traditional implant restoration protocols. In most cases, cases that come to our clinic with total tooth loss are able to undergo immediate restoration, and all the standards of logistical infrastructure are met. This method is addressed to both patients with total tooth loss and those who are about to lose their teeth, preventing the condition and providing a functionally and aesthetically perfect denture.

What is the All-in-4 Placement Technique

The All-in-4 method has been successfully practiced for two decades, providing immediate and definitive results for patients. The process of implant placement is relatively simple and the steps involved are flawlessly executed by our experienced and fully trained staff.

The procedure involves, initially, the placement of special titanium implants in each jaw through a short and minimally invasive technique. Posterior implants are placed in a tilted position, while at the same time it is also possible to place fixed and stationary prosthetic work. Through this method the available jaw bone is utilized without the need for bone grafting.

The invasive procedure takes only one day and the result is completely natural and functional. The All-in-4 implant placement method is the ideal solution for patients who used to use dentures, but due to the high absorption of jaw bone, no longer have this option. More and more patients are coming to our clinic to benefit from All-in-4 restorative treatment, and as a result, we have performed hundreds of successful procedures to date. In most cases, patients are suitable candidates for tooth placement within 24 hours, as the necessary requirements are usually met.

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What are the Stages followed in the All-in-4 Method

Stage 1: Basic Information

Initially, the patient is able to access all the information he or she needs to take into account before undergoing the procedure. This can be done either by telephone or by videoconference. In either case, our skilled and experienced medical team provides the patient with a detailed briefing on their options and the procedure, helping them to gain an initial understanding before their first appointment at our clinic. There is no charge of any kind for this information.

Stage 2: Appointment with the Oral Surgeon for a Comprehensive Briefing

At this very important stage, the patient has the opportunity to have direct personal contact with the Oral Surgeon and gain a full understanding of their options. Each consultation with the Oral Surgeon is specifically tailored to the needs of the individual patient, and the appointment includes a comprehensive clinical examination. The Oral Surgeon also takes the patient’s medical and dental history, and the patient’s suitability for the particular procedure is also examined. The appointment lasts 30-60 minutes and, if the patient’s oral condition allows, the Oral Surgeon can take over the whole procedure.

Stage 3: Radiological Examinations to complete the Diagnosis

In order to carry out a comprehensive diagnosis, the patient is required to undergo a special type of Dental CT scan of the upper and lower jaw. This radiological examination shows in detail the anatomy of the jaws, in order to follow the perfect and customized construction and placement of dental implants with the All-in-4 method. Once the analysis of the dental CT scan is completed, the dental surgeon and his medical team now proceed to digital treatment planning. The goal is always to ensure absolute patient safety during the procedure. The examination lasts 10 minutes and can be performed without an appointment.

Stage 4: Creating an Integrated Treatment Plan

Once all the previous stages have been successfully completed, our experienced and fully trained dental team will work on creating a comprehensive treatment plan that includes every detail of the procedure, tailored to the patient’s needs. The organization and absolute precision of the whole process, documenting every step in detail so that the procedure can be carried out in complete safety is the main objective of this stage. This stage takes place a few hours after the radiological examinations.

Stage 5: Steps before and during Surgery

With the All-in-4 method, the return of the bright smile on your lips is just a few hours away. Before the surgery, the experienced medical staff takes special photographs as well as measurements and intra-oral impressions and the main purpose of the pre-operative construction of the fixed and stationary prosthetic work, which is fully adapted to the patient’s jaw.

On the day of the All-in-4 implant placement surgery, the necessary extractions are initially carried out, as well as the complete cleaning of the pathology of the area. Then, the oral surgeon and the specialized dentists proceed with the shaping of the bone in order to place the special implants. The aim is to immediately and safely restore the functionality of the patient’s mouth and achieve a flawless and aesthetic result that stands out.

During this stage, the fixed and stationary prosthetic work fabricated during the preoperative steps is adjusted and fitted to the implants. The patient then moves on to the waiting stage, which lasts 4-5 hours and can either move freely as desired, or remain in the private waiting room of our clinic.

Once the waiting stage is completed, the Oral Surgeon proceeds to the application and placement of the prosthetic work, and there is the option to complete the procedure the same day or the next day, depending on the patient’s strengths. Upon completion of the All-in-4 treatment, the patient receives a natural and shiny denture in just 24 hours and is able to return to daily activities immediately. Speech and chewing are now fully restored, and the aesthetics are highly satisfactory.

Steps after the Surgery

After the surgery, the patient has gained full function of the mouth and the aesthetic appearance is clearly improved. Naturally, there are specific steps that are followed to make sure everything is working properly.

First, on the first day after the All-in-4 implant placement, an additional check of the oral cavity is performed while the prosthetic work is adjusted. In addition, a check of the functional and aesthetic condition of the jaws is carried out, such as cleaning the area without the need for local anesthesia. In the following days after the surgery, some swelling may occur or the patient may feel a mild discomfort, in which case specific medication is prescribed when necessary.

A very important role is played by the special diet that the patient must follow for a period of time, and appropriate methods of cleaning the oral cavity are also combined. The teeth now need special care and attention, so soft foods (eggs, fish) are recommended in order to put as little pressure as possible on the new denture. Cleaning and care of teeth placed with the All-in-4 method require exactly the same procedures as natural teeth. Of course, the Dental Surgeon and his medical team provide the patient with all the necessary information he needs to know by fully guiding him. The next visit takes place within a 10-day period for a full check-up and monitoring of the treatment progress, with subsequent visits after 2 months and after 4 months.

Stage 7: Completion of Treatment Process

This is the stage when the treatment process is fully completed, as the final prosthetic work is carried out in order to fully restore lost teeth. The biological process of osseointegration of the implants takes about 6 months, during which time the bone of the upper and lower jaw is stabilized and the gums take their final dimensions. The temporary fixed prosthetic work does not affect healing.

The final prosthetic work is placed with a special titanium frame that is made exclusively to suit the needs of the patient’s oral cavity. The most advanced laboratory techniques are used in our clinic to ensure patient safety and a stable and definitive result. This final step completes the treatment process and the patient has now received a definitive solution with the All-in-4 method.

Advantages of the All-in-4 Method

One of the most important benefits of the All-in-4 method is the fact that it helps to maintain the dimensions of the jawbone, as well as the fact that the result is similar to natural teeth and is permanent. The denture does not need to be removed in order to be cleaned and the patient is able to take care of his/her teeth normally, as he/she did with natural teeth.

Furthermore, the prosthetic work is completely stabilized and fits fully in the jaws, providing full support without sitting on the teeth like removable dentures. An added benefit is there is no restriction on what food the patient eats, and speech is fully restored. The outward appearance of dental implants is similar to that of natural teeth and as a result the patient’s confidence and self-esteem is significantly boosted. Dental implants placed using the All-in-4 method help maintain the dimensions of the jawbone and properly support the cheeks and lips.

These dental implants even help to preserve the jawbone because they do not put pressure on the gums and jaws, and also do not rest on the gum tissues but on implants. This is a very important advantage as it avoids mouth sores and slipping. Finally, the most important benefit is the duration of the procedure, as the patient is able to have teeth within 24 hours with a result that lasts a lifetime. The method is a definitive solution and the patient gets rid of it once and for all, and it is completely safe.

Our clinic guarantees immediate and definitive results through the modern techniques applied by our specialized dentists. Contact us directly in order to make an appointment and get in touch with our Oral Surgeon personally. Get the smile you deserve within 24 hours starting today.