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Immediate Implant Loading

Surgery for the placement of dental implants is a completely safe method that requires great precision from the Oral Surgeon and his medical team. Under certain conditions, the patient has the option to obtain Dental Implants in 1 day with immediate implant loading. In this way, the number of visits is reduced and the patient obtains a long-term solution in a very short time.

Traditional natural tooth restoration protocols require many visits to the clinic and can last from 3 to 12 months. In contrast, immediate loading is a treatment procedure that guarantees same-day teeth, which is of course highly beneficial to the patient, as they can return to their daily activities immediately. Our clinic follows the safest techniques, which are applied by qualified medical staff, and excellent results are guaranteed.

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Dental Implants In 1 day – All-in-4 method

The All-in-4 method is a modern method through which the patient obtains a fixed denture with 4 implants in just 24 hours. It is a specialized technique offered by our clinic, with the sole aim of immediate and safe implantation of teeth in order to achieve full restoration and function of the denture within a very short period of time. The development of new types of implants now makes it possible, under certain conditions, for procedures that previously took a long time and involved several stages to be carried out in just one day. In this way, the patient has access to a higher quality and more functional daily life in just a few hours.

The success rates of the modern and specialized techniques provided by our office for the All-in-4 method are similar or even higher than those of traditional implant restoration protocols. In most cases, cases that come to our clinic with total tooth loss are able to undergo immediate restoration, while all the standards of logistical infrastructure are met. This method is addressed to both patients with total tooth loss and those who are about to lose their teeth, preventing the condition and providing a functionally and aesthetically perfect denture.

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Robotic Implant Surgery (Digitally Guided Implantology)

Robotic implant surgery is the use of the latest generation of medical equipment offered in our clinic by qualified and experienced medical staff. Careful planning and flawless execution are key requirements for the ultimate success of surgical implant placement. The existence of sufficient bone and its quality play an equally important role in ensuring successful dental implant placement.

Ρομποτική Χειρουργική Εμφυτευμάτων

The use of digital 3D X-ray technology ensures that the best possible results are created in the process of detailed planning of surgical dental implant placement. In addition, the 3D dental CT scan helps to determine the size of the bone deficit, as the 3D scan allows the Dental Surgeon through imaging to select the potential implantation site and adjacent anatomical structures to be avoided.

By way of example, the placement of a 3D intraoral scanner prior to a prosthetic procedure offers the ability to study and design our digital smile, realistic high-resolution images and special detail rendering, direct and accurate imaging of teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, speed and accuracy in the flow of digital information to and from the laboratory, accurate implant placement, reduction of implantation time and simplification of the surgery.

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