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Dental Implants

Dental implants offer an immediate and definitive solution in in cases where the lack of natural tooth roots prohibits the placement of fixed prosthetic work, such as bridges and dentures. Unlike dental bridges, which cause problems in the oral cavity and, in some cases, do not fully fit, dental implants replace or damaged teeth in the best and most aesthetic way. They are artificial teeth that are identical in appearance and function to natural teeth and replace the natural tooth roots with artificial roots made of titanium.  

General Instructions for Dental Implants

Dental implants are the ideal permanent solution to the total or partial absence of teeth or their destruction. According to the American Society of Implantology, 98% of patients enjoy the success of the procedure for a period of five years, and 82-95% for at least fifteen years. Oral health care, smoking, inadequate cleaning, and lack of detailed surgical planning are some of the factors that contribute to dental implant failure and complications.

However, the skilled and experienced Maxillofacial Surgeon Konstantinos Psomaderis conducts the surgery and guides the patient. His guidance helps the patient to achieve such definitive and long-term results.

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Dental Implants With Laser

The laser treatment is now used in the medical and dental fields as it is very effective. In dental treatments, laser is usually an adjunct to other traditional procedures. Depending on the tissues it comes into contact with, it turns into soft tissue laser or hard tissue laser. No anesthesia is required. The laser treatment is used only by highly trained Oral Surgeons. A specialized Oral Surgeon knows the specific wavelength of the laser to use in each procedure.

At our clinic, you will find a highly trained staff of highly skilled dentists with years of experience, and they successfully perform even the most complex invasive treatments. We create a comfortable and friendly environment of trust, with our primary goal being the absolute safety of the patient. 

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Types and kinds of Dental Implants

When it comes to the types and types of dental implants, there is a wide range of options. Dental implants differ depending on their shape, the morphology of their surface, and the way they connect to the prosthetic work. Our clinic, with its specialized dentists, offers the ideal personalized solution to each patient, always tailored to their needs.  

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Mini Dental Implants: Advantages & Disadvantages

Mini dental implants (MDI) are one of the latest technological developments in implant dentistry. They are an alternative and more economical option patients since they can be used in place of conventional implants. They are small in diameter and useful in specific cases. In the hands of an experienced oral surgeon, they can give a wonderful smile with little effort but if not used with excellent calculation, they can have the opposite results.

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Dental Implants: Cost  

Understandably, many patients wonder how much it costs to have dental implants placed. However, this particular answer is not so simple, as many factors contribute to the formation of the final cost. This text will certainly help you understand the pricing of dental implants. The good thing is that in recent years, the cost of this treatment has become affordable, although there are differences in prices related to the clinic the patient chooses and other factors. Finally, the final cost gets shaped by the doctor’s expertise, the equipment and used materials, the experience, and the other medical staff involved in the surgical placement of dental implants.

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Implant Placement Procedure

Dental implants are a safe treatment that lasts a short time and offers immediate and dazzling results. Our experienced medical team has excellent knowledge about dental implants and guarantees excellent results using sophisticated medical equipment.  

The important thing is that dental implant treatment offers an ideal result for you, aesthetically and functionally. The Oral Surgeon Konstantinos Psomaderis, with his many years of experience, his specialized knowledge and the state-of-the-art techniques he uses, offers the best results and guarantees your immediate return to your daily activities and obligations with a natural and radiant smile.  

As far as the stages that follow during the invasive dental implant procedure are concerned, there are five and they are as follows.

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Dental Implants: Side Effects – Complications

In most cases, dental implants do not have complications, but on the contrary, the procedure is successful and the treatment lasts a lifetime. More specifically, dental implants fail at a rate of less than 5%, resulting in over 95% of implants being placed successfully and safely. However, in some cases, the application of dental implants presents complications or side effects, which are listed below.

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Pain In Dental Implants

Understandably, in many cases, implants experience a certain amount of pain. It discourages a portion of patients from undergoing surgical implant placement. Fully and thoroughly informing the patient of the potential pain and ways to deal with it helps them to overcome their fear and opt for this very effective definitive implant treatment. The oral surgeon must adequately inform his patient about every possibility and guide him properly in order to get rid of anxiety and make the most appropriate choice for him.

Of course, the many years of experience of the Oral Surgeon play a significant role in reducing the pain of implants, as the more experienced he is, the shorter, gentler and more precise the invasive procedure is, which reduces postoperative pain to a large extent. The medical team that takes care of the patient with the Oral Surgeon plays an equally important role, as training, expertise and extensive experience reduce the chances of the patient being in pain.  

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