Implant Dentures: What Are They

Implant Dentures are a completely safe and effective solution when a patient has lost all of their teeth. The dentures do not always have to be placed on the teeth, but can be removed when the patient chooses to do so, making them easier to use. The base is pink and covers the entire oral cavity, including the gums. It essentially consists of artificial acrylic teeth that are placed on an acrylic base. It is manufactured in a way that it fits and fully adjusts to the patient’s mouth.

Οδοντοστοιχίες Μασέλες επί Εμφυτευμάτων

Dentures with implants improve the overall facial aesthetic appearance as well as helping the patient to gain full functionality of their mouth. The patient’s return to daily activities and responsibilities is immediate and the patient gains full speech and chewing ability. Furthermore, his self-confidence and self-esteem increases. Implant dentures are an ideal solution when total tooth loss is an issue for the patient.

How Implant Dentures are placed

Implant dentures are placed with the placement of implants in parallel. When all the teeth are missing from the upper jaw, 4 implants are placed, on which the denture is supported, which does not cover the palate unlike conventional dentures. Implants are placed in the lower jaw to make sure the denture is adequately supported. The technique of supporting on the implants is called “implant-supported dentures”. It is a safe method that provides a permanent solution and restores the total absence of teeth.

What is the treatment procedure with Implant Dentures

The treatment process with denture with implants takes 4 to 5 sessions and once the final stage is completed, the osseointegration phase follows. The first session involves taking the initial impression for the fabrication of the individual disc. Subsequently, the second appointment involves taking the final impression with the individual tray fabricated. In the third appointment, recordings are made and the shape and color of the denture teeth are selected, while the purpose of the fourth appointment is to perform the final denture structure and the preparation of selected teeth. Finally, the fifth and last session is the activation of the implants and the Oral Surgeon gives the patient the denture and provides detailed instructions so that the patient can take care of it properly and use it in the right way.

Our clinic with its experienced team of dentists offers an excellent work on the mobile full denture, resulting in a bright and permanent smile on the patient’s lips, while speech and chewing are fully restored. The patient is completely satisfied with the final result and is able to remove the denture from his mouth and reinsert it when needed.

What are the Benefits of Implant Dentures

First, before we mention the benefits of implant denture placement, it is necessary to mention the only disadvantage, which is that dentures can cause peri-implantitis. This only happens in case the patient does not take proper care and does not clean their teeth adequately.

The benefits are several, the first being the reduction of bone resorption and the small “lift” that takes place in the lip area. Furthermore, the patient gains full ability to chew and speak, and the aesthetics of the mouth and overall facial appearance are improved. The patient leaves our clinic completely satisfied, as his/her self-confidence has increased. The benefits also include the fact that the implant denture does not need any adhesive to hold it in place and there is no risk of it coming off during speech or chewing, as it has increased stability and retention.

Visit our clinic and get an implant denture customized to your needs in the safest way possible. Solve the problem of total toothlessness for good and get a bright smile of satisfaction again.