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Dental Implant Brands and Companies: Useful Information

To begin with, it is important to know that there are more than 150 dental implant brands and companies that manufacture and produce dental implants and their corresponding prosthetic components. The common and established brands that are used and are extremely popular are Nobel Biocare and Straumann. Equally reputable dental implant companies are Biomet 3i (Biomet Zimmer), Biohorizons and Dentsply Sirona. These 5 companies with their respective brands of dental implants have been producing the right materials for more than 30 years. Naturally, they have quite a few
time available to them to produce, collect and study data as well as evidence regarding the effectiveness and longevity of their implant technologies. The implants which are manufactured by these companies are well known and accessible to the global market. This makes it extremely easy for dentists around the world to find their replacement parts.

It is also essential to know that each manufacturer produces different dental implants which cater to different clinical cases. Some types of dental implants are suitable for immediate loading, while some others need some time in order to be integrated into the bone. Other types of dental implants have a narrower diameter resulting in a limited space and bone location. In some cases, dental implants are smaller and wider and are the ideal choice for insertion near sinus cavities that the bone is thinner. In general, the dental implants produced by these 5 companies are of high quality. However, some work more effectively than others in specific situations.

Dental Implant Brands and Companies: How to Choose the Right One for You

In general, it is difficult if not impossible for a patient to determine which company and brand of dental implants to choose and which is the right one for their situation and needs. However, the length of time a company has been on the market and the research that has been conducted on their systems are key factors in the selection process. The companies that are appropriate and reliable are also backed by extensive research and always include a guarantee in their products. In contrast, cheaper implants manufactured by smaller and less well-known companies make use of lower quality materials that have not been tested to a satisfactory degree. For example, implants can be found with a 10-year lifespan and dental implants with a lifetime guarantee. The implant parts and the prosthetic crown must meet specific and strict manufacturing requirements. The implant must have a high quality material, have undergone several years of clinical studies and research, and be accompanied by the necessary guarantee certificate regarding its quality and lifetime. In any case, it is important to make sure that your dentist chooses the right implant that fully meets your needs.

Companies and Brands of Dental Implants: What is the Global Market Size and the History of Each Brand

In the global dental implant market in 2015, the leading companies were Straumann, producing 22% of the world’s dental implants, and Nobel Biocare with a 19% share of the global market. Today, it is speculated that Biocare has more revenue in this industry than any other company. Nobel Biocare, which was founded in 1981, had revenues of $735 million in 2013, most of which came exclusively from the dental implant industry. It is a company that produces high-quality implants and customized prosthetics based on state-of-the-art CAD CAM technology. It is located in Switzerland and is the first company to manufacture implants for the All-in-4 treatment modality. This is a now well-established treatment approach through which the patient obtains teeth in one day with undiminished functionality and aesthetics. In addition, the company manufactures implant-related products such as abutments and prosthetic work related to dental implants.

Straumann was founded in 1954 and in 2015 its revenues were $818 million. Plus, about half of its total revenue comes from dental implants. This company works with a variety of research centers, universities and leading clinics. It does ongoing research on implants and equipment required for surgery, as well as tissue regeneration products. Straumann has a broad and comprehensive range of solutions including surgical, prosthetic and regenerative products. Its products help clinicians to provide their patients with a complete regenerative solution. This company’s products also include surgical implants and prosthetic braces, designed with high quality for long-term reliability and safety.

Dentspy Sirona was founded in 1991. In 2010, it had revenues of $535 million. It is an American manufacturer of dental equipment as well as dental supplies, with products shipped to more than 120 countries. The company designs and manufactures specialty products which include laboratory products involving dental supplies. It produces anesthetics, gum prevention specific prophylaxis and dental polishes. In addition, it designs and manufactures artificial teeth.

Zimmer Biomet was founded in 1927 and in 2015 its dental services revenue was $336 million. It has been manufacturing dental implants for more than two decades and also produces regenerative materials such as bone grafts, membranes and collagen wound care. It also manufactures dental tools and instruments. It is also responsible for the design and production and marketing of orthopedic products. It operates in more than 25 countries on a global scale, with its products sold in more than 100 countries.

Finally, BioHorizons, founded in 1994, had revenues of $115 million in 2015 and is popular for producing high-quality innovative products based on thorough scientific research. Its products include implant solutions and regenerative materials for bone grafting.


All five companies and brands of dental implants are top-notch and are among the most popular and trusted manufacturers nowadays. When choosing a dentist for your dental implants, it is very essential to ask which company they prefer to use so that you don’t have to correct future problems that may arise due to poor quality and reliability of the material. On our website you will find General Guidelines for Dental Implants and answers to all your questions.